If you’ve only been listening to cable news today or reading your news alerts or social media, you might have the impression — given this tumultuous 24 hours — that the country is coming apart at the seams. But please pause and take a deep breath. The government, especially the Trump Presidency, is in chaos and dysfunction, but the country is not.

That is not to minimize the grave danger of the moment, but we must also realize that we are an expansive, diverse, and resilient country of active and impassioned citizens and deep resources, material and otherwise. We are a people of great resolve who possess the ability to adjust and survive. We have proven it time and again.

So…steady. Please, steady. There is plenty to worry about, plenty to resolve to not normalize, plenty of fight for our rights and justice. But I have seen many dark days before and I believe we’ll make our way through the current crises, eventually, to not just survive but to thrive.

The arc of history is long, complicated and beyond any of our ability to fully comprehend. But life has taught me things are seldom as bad or good as they appear at any given moment of time.