With the indictment of Roger Stone, the fire grows more intense and draws closer to President Trump. As with any citizen, Mr. Trump is entitled to a presumption of innocence until and if proven otherwise. But there has long been and continues to be increasing smoke coming out of what to many appears to be a widespread criminal conspiracy among Trump close associates, a conspiracy possibly—probably?—involving a foreign power.

Whether Mr. Trump, as a candidate and later President, was personally involved remains an open question. It’s a question upon which Special Counsel Mueller continues to be closing in.

To mix our metaphors a bit, when there is this much smoke, it’s natural that decent, reasonable people will conclude that there is a hot fire somewhere. Today’s Stone development indicates that the fire has drawn closer to the President.

It’s a time, now more than ever, for us all to stay steady, resist conclusion-jumping, be patient and wait for Mueller to complete his work. Making sure that Mueller’s work is completed and that the results are made public won’t be easy. President Trump, his allies and enablers will do what they can to prevent that. Which is no small indication of what we’re dealing with.

Read the full indictment here from The Washington Post