Former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin still appears to be a Trump loyalist. So much so that he dodged a question about whether he believes the election was stolen from Donald Trump, not once but twice today on CNBC. Instead, he claimed he wasn’t part of the 2020 campaign. When that answer didn’t suffice, Mnuchin was again pressed by interviewer Eamon Javers. That’s when the former cabinet secretary heaped praise on Trump.

“I think the president’s policies were extraordinary in COVID, whether it’s the vaccine or other issues. All the work we did under COVID, the bi-partisan support we had to get the economy recovered.”

Javers replied, “I think that gives us a sense of your position there.”

Earlier this year CNBC reported that back on January 6th “As President Donald Trump stood idly by with violent protesters ransacking the U.S. Capitol… Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held informal conversations within their own agencies about the contours of the 25th Amendment, the invocation of which would begin a process to remove Trump from office, according to three sources familiar with the matter.”

But Mnuchin was singing a very different tune today.