We are so tempted to ignore this, but to ignore is to acquiesce.  Donald Trump continues to peddle fear on the backs of people so desperate they’re willing to walk a thousand miles for a better life.

The mighty migrant caravan has made its way into Mexico, and by some estimates, grown to as many as seven thousand people.

But is this a national emergency?  Does Trump have proof of “unknown middle easterners” marching along with the migrants?  GOP Senator Jeff Flake knows what this is really about.

It wasn’t a national emergency in September when 41,400 migrants crossed, or in August when 37,544 came to this country, but two weeks before the election, with Fox News covering it like the Roman invasion, it’s time to motivate the base!  And nothing sells like fear.

It’s more than a thousand miles from Guatemala’s border with Mexico to the Texas border, so if this continues to be a walk, it will take weeks to get to the United States, a long time for Trump to exaggerate the numbers and turn this into a made-for-tv event.  Maybe he’ll call it the Million Migrant March.