No, this is not our attempt at replicating The Onion’s unparalleled satire. Two actual sitting members of Congress, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene, are launching a nationwide tour of grievance where they plan to attack “the radical Left” and RINOS (Republicans In Name Only). The “America First” tour kicks off May 7 at The Villages, an ultra-conservative senior community in Florida.

According to Politico, the idea behind the tour is to send a message from two of the most controversial Republicans in Congress: They won’t be canceled, they won’t be quiet and they’re going to use the animosity they spark in liberals to create a power base within the conservative movement.

We have many questions about this endeavor, the first being who in Matt Gaetz’s camp told him it would be a good idea to go hold a bunch of rallies while he’s the subject of a federal sex trafficking investigation that includes all sorts of disturbing and sordid allegations.

Apparently, Gaetz’s new legal strategy, after weeks of silence in the wake of a string of allegations, is to now flood the zone with cancel culture complaints and of course, attacking President Biden. This is a quote from a radio ad touting the upcoming Gaetz/Greene tour stop in The Villages.

“The radical left is coming for you. And they know I’m in the way. Come stand with me as we fight back together against this radical president and his far left agenda.”

Greene has already proven herself to be quite adept at monetizing her notoriety. She was booted off Congressional committees due to her comments and wild conspiracy theories she discussed leading up to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol. She turned that into a huge fundraising opportunity that has helped her raise millions of dollars.

Knowing that, it wouldn’t be a surprise if the pair sold t-shirts at each stop of their tour.