The fundraising numbers for Joe Biden are through the roof. When it’s officially reported, Biden is expected to announce a record haul of more than $300 million dollars for August alone.

The New York Times writes the total would more than double what the former Vice President raised in July.

The sum would shatter past monthly records as small donors have poured money into Mr. Biden’s coffers, especially since the selection of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, and big contributors, from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, have given checks that can be as large as $721,300.

In a sign of the financial momentum behind Democrats, ActBlue, the main site that processes donations to the party, reported the second-biggest fund-raising day in its history on Monday, with more than $35 million donated. A majority of Mr. Biden’s August total came from online grass-roots donors.

As the campaign enters the home stretch, the haul ensures the Biden campaign will have sufficient funds to make significant television and digital ad buys.

According to the Times, the total “laps” what is believed to be the previous record. That was $193 million raised by Barack Obama in September, 2008.