Don’t underestimate the Parkland massacre survivors. They have proven they won’t sit back and let people bash them, spread lies or bully them. One of the most clever cases in point came after Laura Ingraham attacked David Hogg with this Tweet.

Many people on both sides of the aisle would agree that attacking a 17-year-old over his education is a low blow, but Hogg didn’t take it lying down:

And Hogg says he didn’t just launch  because Ingraham bullied him, he says he is doing it for others she has targeted in the past as well.

Hogg’s call to advertisers didn’t take long to get a response. The power is in the numbers. Ingraham’s initial tweet has about 11,000 likes.  By comparison David Hogg’s tweet naming the advertisers has 59,000 likes (at the time of this story). Several companies have announced they will indeed follow Hogg’s request and pull ads.

CNBC reports TripAdvisor and Wayfair have also announced they won’t advertise on Ingraham’s program again. Expedia and Nestle are pulling their advertising as well.

We have requested statements from all the other companies Hogg called out. At press time we are awaiting their reply.

Meanwhile, Ingraham issued an apology Thursday afternoon. This begs the question would she have issued this mea culpa if advertisers weren’t jumping ship?