Keep an eye on Yolanda Renee King. She’s only 13-years-old but, as the granddaughter of Martin Luther King, Jr., she’s already sounding like a polished activist. Today, she is using the holiday to call attention to voting rights. NBC News writes:

Many might have first noticed the similarities between her and her grandfather, the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., when she took the stage at the 2018 March For Our Lives student-led demonstration in Washington, D.C., to talk about gun control. Or perhaps when she spoke about racial equality on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 2020.

NBC News

Today, she called out Senators Manchin and Sinema on voting rights (watch below) but we were struck by this line, that ends with words that sound very much like her grandfather.

For all the elected leaders out there who are tweeting, posing and celebrating my grandfather, Dr. King, today my message to you is simple: Do not celebrate, legislate.

Yolanda Renee King

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