Donald Trump’s acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen is being praised for his actions, and the praise is coming from non other than a leading Democrat. Rosen appeared again before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Saturday where he gave more damming testimony on Trump’s last-minute efforts to overturn the election.

Sen. Richard Durban (D-IL), the chairman of the committee, lauded Mr. Rosen’s actions. Rosen testified for seven hours on Friday and Saturday where he detailed the actions of Jeffrey Clark, a deputy at DOJ who was reportedly trying to help Trump covertly.

The New York Times broke the original story on Clark last week. Sunday, the Times reported:

Investigations were opened after a New York Times article that detailed efforts by Jeffrey Clark, the acting head of the Justice Department’s civil division, to push top leaders to falsely and publicly assert that continuing election fraud investigations cast doubt on the Electoral College results. That prompted Mr. Trump to consider ousting Mr. Rosen and installing Mr. Clark at the top of the department to carry out that plan.

The Times also notes:

He (Rosen) also discovered that Mr. Clark had been engaging in unauthorized conversations with Mr. Trump about ways to have the Justice Department publicly cast doubt on President Biden’s victory, particularly in battleground states that Mr. Trump was fixated on, like Georgia. Mr. Clark drafted a letter that he asked Mr. Rosen to send to Georgia state legislators, wrongly asserting that they should void Mr. Biden’s victory because the Justice Department was investigating accusations of voter fraud in the state.

Durbin appeared on CNN Sunday morning. Watch below: