Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) seemed to deny climate change when he replied to Senator Chuck Schumer’s tweet about record-breaking temperatures.

Cornyn got skewered after writing “It’s summer, Chuck.” After all, Schumer wasn’t just saying it was hot, he was saying it was the hottest month EVER. Not exactly your run of the mill July.

Climate scientist Peter Gleick tweeted, “a sitting US senator is not ashamed to reveal in a three-word tweet how utterly, despicably, proudly ignorant he is of the greatest environmental threat to face the planet.”

After seeing the criticism, Cornyn wrote, “The reaction to this tweet proves the left/so-called progressives have zero sense on humor.”

This attempt to try to spin his remark as a joke only made things worse. Here are some of the replies:

@wb_turner: “Yeah, because the extinction of life on earth is so funny.”

@RockyMountViews: “The mass die off of animal species is not funny. The loss of homes on islands and along the coast is not funny.”

@TomMcNaught1: “No humor in being a science denier Senator. Climate change is real and your attempt to dismiss the seriousness of @SenSchumer‘s tweet demonstrates how little you care about Texas and it’s citizens.”

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