We know most of America hasn’t actually read the full Mueller report. And the Insider recognized that saying, “As a narrative, the document is a disaster. And at 448 pages, it’s too long to grind through. For long stretches, it reads less like a story and more like a terms-of-service agreement.”

But on the flip side Insider Editor Nicholas Carlson writes, “buried within the Mueller report, there is a narrative that reads in parts like a thriller, like a comedy, like a tragedy — and, most important — like an indictment.”

So the publication decided to “Tell a story recounting Mueller’s report that’s so gripping it will hold your attention (and maybe your congressional representative’s).

To make this happen The Insider hired Mark Bowden, a journalist, and author best known for “Black Hawk Down” and “Killing Pablo.” And they got illustrator Chad Hurd to draw the compelling scenes. The piece was published today. Here’s a slice of it.

Check out the full feature here.