After reports of U.S. Air Force crews overnighting at the Trump Turnberry resort in Scotland, word comes that a lucrative contract between the Defense Department and Prestick Airport, the facility the near the Trump hotel, has been put on hold. From the Scotsman:

The Scotsman can reveal that the expanded EUCOM Into-Plane agreement covering the Scottish-Government owned airport and the US Defence Logistics Agency (DLA), which was due to come into force in a matter of weeks, has been put on hold until December at the earliest.

One source familiar with the deal said the deal was being “kicked into the long grass” as a result of a newly-disclosed investigation by the US House Oversight Committee.

Politico has reported flight crews had been overnighting after long flights at Trump’s resort while their planes were refueled and serviced at nearby Glasgow Prestwick airport.

The Scotsman also reports “political heat” means it’s likely DOD flights through Prestwick will be reduced as refueling is routed to other European locations.