Donald Trump has moved on from mocking Christine Blasey Ford.  Now he is calling out protestors who confronted Senators over Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination as “paid professionals.”

Hmmm, perhaps Trump got the idea for that tweet after watching this segment on Fox Business Network?

Slate reports:

The protesters-paid-for-by-Soros theory has been a popular one among conspiracy-minded conservatives since Trump’s election. Trump himself has promoted the theory in the past, but it is possibly surprising that he chose to question the relatively small elevator protests rather than the thousands who marched to the Capitol on Thursday. Instead, by dismissing the professed survivors of sexual assault as liars, he took the theory into new territory.

One of the women who confronted Senator Jeff Flake outside an elevator last week is reacting to Trump’s tweet saying:

“No one can pay for someone’s lived experiences. The pain, the trauma, and the rage that I expressed when I spoke with Senator Jeff Flake in an elevator were my own, and I held it for more than 30 years to protect the people I love from it.”

Of course, Trump’s tweet isn’t just a slap in the face to sexual abuse victims, it’s also hypocritical.