The Brits sure know how to protest. Thousands will be marching in the streets the next few days but thousands have also protested by playing Green Day’s 2004 hit “American Idiot” so many times online that it has become the number one song in the U.K.  Welcome Donald Trump!  With lyrics like these, message sent.

Welcome to a new kind of tension
All across the alien nation
Where everything isn’t meant to be okay
Television dreams of tomorrow
We’re not the ones who’re meant to follow
For that’s enough to argue

The Washington Post says:

“Ahead of Trump’s visit, protesters in the United Kingdom have launched a campaign to play “American Idiot” so many times that, by the time he arrives, the song will be the No. 1 single there. The incessant downloads started July 6 and will continue through Thursday. Protesters have been using iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify and YouTube, among other platforms, to stream and download the song.

The campaign’s official motto: ‘Make American Idiot Great Again.'”

Mashable says:

“…it’s not exactly subtle, attempting to push the George W. Bush-era song to number one in the UK is still a tad more low-key than the other protest that’s garnered headlines surrounding this trip: the giant Trump blimp that will float along the London skyline.”