We hear from Donald Trump a lot on Twitter and it’s looking more and more like that is now the only place we regularly get “briefed” as to what is going on in the White House. Sarah Sanders is getting out in front of the press less and less. July was the lowest month yet in terms of press briefings. There were just three.

It’s probably no coincidence that it was Bill Shine’s first month in the White House Communication’s Department. The former Fox News official certainly seems to have been keeping a tighter lid on press access. Several of CNN’s personalities spoke out yesterday against this clear stand against the media with CNN’s Jim Acosta saying:

“This White House is obviously hiding from the press, they are hiding the president from the press, they are hiding the president from the press. That’s the only conclusion you can come too.”

Anderson Cooper spent several minutes on his show Tuesday night addressing the lack of briefings pointing out that:

“These things used to be common enough that they were called the daily White House briefing, which meant daily, now you can call them nearly extinct.”

CNN’s Chris Cillizza adds that the three briefings that were held were also rather brief:

“That trio of briefings lasted a total of 58 minutes, again according to Malloy. Let me repeat that: The sum total of White House daily press briefings in July 2018 is 58 minutes. Less than one total hour. In a month.”
“How does that compare to past presidential administrations in July of their second year in office? Again, Malloy’s research to the rescue! The three briefings the Trump White House held in July 2018 is one-quarter the number (12) the Obama administration held in July 2010. George W. Bush’s administration held nine press briefings in July 2006, while the Clinton administration held six press briefings in July 1994.”
Hear what else Cooper and Acosta said above.