The fans are back at sporting events, but that wasn’t a good thing Saturday as an oblivious fan with a sign caused a huge crash near the end of Stage 1 of the Tour de France.

Video from NBC Sports shows the unidentified fan had a large cardboard sign and seemed to be posing for TV cameras with her back to the oncoming riders as she stepped onto the road in the western Brittany region, and right into the path of oncoming cyclists.

Rider Tony Martin was knocked off his bike and in the process, took out a number of other riders. The massive pileup took several minutes to clear up.

Here’s what the crash looked like, in slow motion:

A number of cyclists suffered cuts and bruises, including this rider, whose hand was badly cut in the crash.


Afterward,  Tony Martin, the cyclist who was taken out by the sign and triggered the pileup, spoke out about the fan.

“Many spectators behave respectfully, but unfortunately not this one. Fortunately, Primoz came through it well. I hope the physical damage to myself and the other guys is manageable.”