Of all the lies Donald Trump has told during his pep rallies across the country, it was one fact that he finally admitted about himself that was perhaps most shocking.

During his rally for former foe Ted Cruz in Texas, Trump finally declared that he is a nationalist. Forget about dog whistles, this message was loud and clear:

“They have a word it sort of became old-fashioned, it’s called a nationalist and I say really we aren’t supposed to use that word, but you know what I am, I’m a nationalist ok.”


Some would argue Trump missed a word before nationalist because while a nationalist by definition isn’t an extremist, it has over the years become associated with “white nationalists.”

In an opinion piece in the Washington Post, Greg Sargent argues:

This brand of right-wing populist nationalism requires the scapegoating of an “other” below, but also a global elite that is supposedly conspiring with that other — and exploiting cheap labor abroad, adding a yellow menace to the mix — to rip off and weaken the sovereignty of the “real” American people. Thus it is that Republican ads painting Asians as an economic threat are now joining more traditional GOP racial fear-mongering ads. This is the “nationalism” Trump is openly declaring.


Watch what Trump said above.