Donald Trump knows how important the Hispanic community is to the next presidential election, so that may be why he did his first sit-down interview with a Spanish-language station since becoming president. During the interview, he tried to inflate his poll numbers and he attacked his competitors for their looks (not their politics). But what may be most significant about this interview are his answers relating to immigration. Anchor Jose Diaz-Balart did a better job than most interviewers have, pushing back on some of Trump’s bogus claims. Here are some of the most significant parts:

JDB: “Do you have something against immigrants?”

DT: “I love immigrants. You mean illegal immigrants? Because I’ve been very good to immigrants…”

JDB: “There is up to 30% of the Latino population who has supported you among the voters.”

DT: “Well right now I’m at 50%. For a Republican, I’m at 50%. I went up 17-points.”

JDB: “I haven’t seen any poll that says, with all due respect, that you have 50% of the Latino support…”

DT: “When I became president, President Obama had a separation policy, I didn’t have it. I brought the families together. I’m the one that put them together…. Under the Obama plan.”

JDB: “Sir we are talking about your plan…”

JDB: “Going back to the Latino vote, granted a percentage definitely supports you but there are some who fear, who fear your rhetoric, who fear what’s been going on at the border, who fear that you have said that you will be deporting millions of people.”

DT “They want me to do it. They’re here illegally.”

JDB: “Mr. President, they do not.” 

DT: “They do. They don’t want to lose their jobs. They want to keep their salaries, their wages up, and they don’t want crime. When people come through, you have MS-13 coming through.”

JDB: “But that’s not the majority Mr. President.”

DT: “It’s a lot of people.”

JDB: “The mothers that are coming with their children aren’t MS-13. The people who are raped in their town and have to leave aren’t MS-13.”

DT: “You’re right. I agree, I agree,” Trump conceded.  “But if it’s one in a hundred, it’s too many. And we are taking them out of our country by the thousands.”

Watch the full interview above.