We are, frankly, surprised it took this long.  But on day 20 of the government shutdown, the first day workers began receiving paychecks for $0.00, some decided to take a stand. Thousands of furloughed workers protested across the country. The biggest event was in Washington DC (watch above). The Hill reports:

Workers from a variety of federal agencies attended the event, which started in front of the AFL-CIO headquarters and made its way down to the White House. 

Several protestors wore bright vests which read “I am a worker, I demand a voice.” 

Others expressed their frustration through signs.

One read “My paycheck is not leverage for 45’s racism,” referring to arguments that Trump’s saying there is a crisis at the border is rooted in racist views of Latino people.

Another sign read, “We want work, not walls.”

Here are some protests from around the country.

Protests continue tomorrow.