This Veterans Day Democrats running for president are highlighting their healthcare ideas for those who served. Senator Bernie Sanders has a new campaign ad out today (watch above) saying, “If a country is worth anything, it is how we treat those people who put their lives on the line to defend us.” The ad touts his work to reform the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Sanders remarked, “5 years ago, John McCain and I expanded health benefits for veterans. When I am president, we will keep our promise to our veterans.”

Pete Buttigieg, a veteran himself, also rolled out a plan today to help those who served. The plan “ensures all veterans and their family members have access to affordable healthcare,” that the VA is adequately staffed, guaranteed access to mental health care, suicide prevention, and a way to combat ​homelessness​. NBC quotes the South Bend mayor as saying:

“It’s clear we have to do better if we want to see more people getting access to the care that they need… We have a system of veteran service officers in counties whose job is it to help people navigate and to advocate for people and really fight for them as they are battling bureaucracy. And those folks do really good work, but it shouldn’t be so hard.” 

Senator Kamala Harris released her plan earlier this year for veterans saying:

By the end of Kamala’s first term, the VA will expand access to health care and housing assistance available to veterans with “other-than-honorable” discharges.

Kamala will end the bureaucratic games we make our veterans who are seeking VA services endure and will instead establish a presumption of eligibility for these veterans who seek VA healthcare and housing.

And Senator Elizabeth Warren laid out her plan pointing out:

Less than 1% of the U.S. population currently serves in uniform. And while Americans rightly honor their service on November 11, too often the day-to-day sacrifices of military families go unseen and unremarked. Parades and salutes to the troops are important ways that Americans express their gratitude, but they’re only platitudes if they’re not backed up with meaningful action and policies that support our military both during and after service – not just on Veterans Day, but every day. 

And here are some of the other messages candidates released.