Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) is opening up about his decision to vote guilty at the end of the Senate Impeachment trial. Here’s what he told CNN’s Jake Tapper (watch above):

“I would say, Mr. President, you don’t need to be a divider in chief. He needs the be a Uniter-in-Chief. He needs to be the united person for the nation, and I have said, if I can explain it at home, I will vote for it, and if I can’t, then I won’t. I thought the evidence was overwhelming.. I thought that the president would defend himself at the senate and he wanted witnesses and on and on and they did not take that course. They wanted us to accept that if the president does it, it is okay. The president is above the law, but I said, I cannot buy on to that and that is not who we are and who the framers wanted us to be.”

 “I wish he had produced witnesses. And I said back home in West Virginia if you accuse me of something Jake, I can wait to defend myself, I know I’m innocent I want to defend myself and I cannot wait and here, I will have so and so to tell you and testify and I’ll bring you documents. Well, when you don’t do that, that means it is nondefendable or you already had the jury cooked. One of the two.”

He also addressed this tweet from Trump.

Manchin responded by condemning the name-calling and pointing out the nickname doesn’t even make sense.

“The name-calling…I guess he’s confused on that because I am a little bit bigger than him. He’s got me by 30 pounds on weight, but I am a little taller than him.”