If the presidential election were held two or three years ago, immigration would have been a big issue. But now between coronavirus, race, and the controversy surrounding Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, it hasn’t received much attention during this election cycle. John Oliver emphasized why we all should still care about this issue on his latest episode of Last Week Tonight. He specifically looked at asylum, “how it’s supposed to work and just a few key ways that this administration has undermined it:”

“The Trump administration’s attack on asylum has been focused, dedicated, and deeply resourceful. And I know those aren’t adjectives you’re used to associating with this administration, but in this one area, they’ve been truly disciplined about being truly evil.”

Oliver says the Trump administration has used the coronavirus pandemic to make the asylum process even more difficult.

 “The Trump administration is currently claiming that, because of the pandemic, it gives them the authority to shut down the border to virtually all migrants.”

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