Scorching hot weather continues to batter the West Coast, and especially the Pacific Northwest, with no relief expected for at least several days. The abnormally hot temperatures are proving to be unbearable for area residents not accustomed to such heat, and proving to be a threat to public utilities.

More than 20 million people along the West Coast are under a heat warning or advisory, per NBC News, from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.

Portland, Oregon recorded the highest temperature on record, 11o degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday, breaking the record set all the way back…24 hours earlier.

Seattle almost hit its record high this weekend, as well, with 102 degree temperatures.
While many people in Oregon sought relief from the heat by heading down by the waterfront and local fountains, nonprofit groups were focused on setting up cooling centers to help the homeless in Portland and other Oregon cities. The elderly are also a concern under conditions like this, and local senior centers are offering food and cold water to help during the heat wave.
Temperatures are expected to stay in the triple digits across the region. That may lead to people going to extreme lengths to stay cool, like a group of cyclists in Portland who decided to strip down to their birthday suits.