The NFL kicked off with a song that was meant to remind us that we are all united.  Alicia Keys debuted her new song during the pre-show before the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans took the field Thursday night. Part of the lyrics read:

“I think we got so busy, so used to flying so fast that we forgot. We forgot to look at each other, we forgot to stay with each other, listen to each other. We forgot that my love looks better on you. So tonight, let’s make sure we take the time to remember.”

Keys also helped the NFL announce a $1 billion endowment fund aimed at supporting Black businesses and communities. Billboard reports:

The new fund will come as several crises unfold around the world, including the global coronavirus pandemic and the protests against systemic racism and injustice that have erupted following the police killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and others in the U.S. in recent months. Keys also penned a piece explaining her decision to perform at the NFL’s event and some of the goals of the fund.

There was also a remarkable display of unity between the Chiefs and Titans players before the game started. The NFL reports:

“Led by captains and quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs and Deshaun Watson of the Texans, players and coaches then gathered at midfield and interlocked arms. Per the NBC broadcast, the following seven messages, chosen by the players, were shown during the moment of unity: “We support equality. We must end racism. We believe in justice for all. We must end police brutality. We choose unconditional love. We believe Black lives matter. It takes all of us.”

Unfortunately, everyone didn’t grasp the unity message, there was booing heard during the heartfelt moment.