Some American farmers are sounding the alarm. The trade war is hurting them and they are worried things will get worse. Christopher Gibbs is a soybean, corn and cattle farmer who says his Ohio business is suffering. During an interview with CNN, he remarked, “We’re in a free fall out here in agriculture. We’ve seen a 30% decrease in the price of soybeans.” Gibbs said he voted for Donald Trump but is no longer a supporter:
“I was on the Trump train. I was off the Trump train, back and forth. I finally got off at Helsinki. that was a mess, to me. I couldn’t stand the waffling and all of that with Putin. So I’m off the Trump Train. Where I’m going from now, I’ve got to protect my business. A minute ago, the president, you played a clip that said we were patriots. I’ll tell you what, to me, that’s just a design to make me continue to be quiet. And I’m not going to be quiet.” 
And he’s not alone. Newsweek cites an Iowa farmer who also vows he never vote for Trump again. Watch the full interview with Gibbs above.