A rioter spotted in two different photos the day of the siege with an anti-Semitic shirt that read “Camp Auschwitz” has been arrested. CNN says he is identified as Robert Keith Packer of Virginia.

A local station in Virginia spoke with a neighbor who said seeing Packer in that shirt “hurts your heart” (watch above). Packer’s image has become one of the most shared and condoned since January 6th. VOX writes:

If the hoodie was meant to shock (and it surely was), it was a success. Twitterusers expressed disgust, holding it up alongside a Republican Congress member’s comments about Hitler the day prior, in which she credited the dictator for being “right on one thing,” as evidence of anti-Semitism’s enduring grip within the GOP.

Reuters reports Etsy has removed a shirt with the ‘Camp Auschwitz’ slogan from its website, writing:

A spokesman for the Memorial said clothing with similar slogans had also appeared on other online shopping sites. Contacted by Reuters, an Etsy spokesperson said the company had been “deeply saddened” by the events at the Capitol and had immediately removed the T-shirt from its website when it was brought to their attention. Etsy also banned the shop that had tried to list the item, the spokesperson added.

No word on what charges Packer is facing yet.