Every once in awhile. you run across a great piece of writing that totally captures the moment. David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, eloquently notes the view outside his apartment window in Manhattan.

And so you stick your head out the window of an apartment that you haven’t left in days and look down and around. You wait awhile before you see a single scurrying soul, her arms full of groceries. She’s wearing a mask and walking with the urgency of a thief. She crosses Broadway, past blooming magnolias on the traffic divider. She quickens her step and heads toward Amsterdam Avenue. Like all of us, she is trying to outrun the thing she cannot see. You close the window and wash your hands for the fourteenth time that day. “Happy birthday to you . . .” Twenty seconds of it. Never less.

Here’s a link to the story: New York City in the Coronavirus Pandemic