Reverend Al Sharpton is blasting Donald Trump today for his attacks on Baltimore saying Trump went after Rep. Elijah Cummings and the people of Baltimore “in the most bigoted and racist way. He attacks everybody. I know Donald Trump, he’s not mature enough to take criticism, he can’t help it, he’s like a child. Somebody says something and he reacts, he’s thin-skinned and not really matured that well. But he has a particular venom for blacks and people of color. He doesn’t refer to any of his other opponents or critics as infested. He does not attack their districts. He attacks Nancy Pelosi, he attacks Chuck Schumer, he attacks other whites, but he never says that their districts or their states are places that no human being wants to live. The fact of the matter is that Elijah Cummins district is the most well-educated and middle-class inspiring district of blacks in this country. And he doesn’t even know what he is talking about.” 

Trump also personally attacked Sharpton today, tweeting:

I have known Al for 25 years. Went to fights with him & Don King, always got along well. He “loved Trump!” He would ask me for favors often. Al is a con man, a troublemaker, always looking for a score. Just doing his thing. Must have intimidated Comcast/NBC. Hates Whites & Cops!

Watch Sharpton’s full statement above.