Facing a federal investigation where he stands accused of illegally lobbying on behalf of Ukrainian officials , Rudy Giuliani went on the defensive during a rambling interview.

Speaking exclusively with NBC New York reporter Melissa Russo, the former NYC mayor and onetime personal attorney to former President Trump was supposed to be talking about the upcoming 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Instead, he launched into a wide-ranging conversation where he defended himself against the FBI probe into his Ukraine dealings, calling it a “lawless” investigation that is politically motivated.

“When you see the differences between the way Cuomo was treated and the way I’m treated, and you don’t realize there’s a very, very terrible distortion of justice. Because that’s not the only example,” Giuliani said, referring to the current New York Governor and allegations related to his nursing home COVID-19 policies. Giuliani offered no evidence to back up his claims of DOJ bias.

During the same interview, Giuliani strangely suggests he’s ready to go to jail, even though he insists he’s innocent.

Giuliani voiced frustration at the FBI searches of his home and law office, calling the investigation misguided and politically motivated.

“I am more than willing to go to jail if they want to put me in jail. And if they do, they’re going to suffer the consequences in heaven,” he said. “I’m not, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

When asked why he would be willing to go to jail if he is not guilty, Giuliani replied “Because they lie, they cheat.”


Giuliani’s statement did not impress another of Trump’s former lawyers, Michael Cohen.

It has been a brutal year thus far for Giuliani. It began with him being publicly ridiculed for his role in perpetuating Trump’s Election Lie, by making outlandish claims about voter fraud that he had no evidence to support, and included the filing of numerous frivolous lawsuits. He then took part in the infamous rally on January 6 that preceded the Capitol Insurrection, shouting to the crowd “let’s have trial by combat!” That exposed him to further legal trouble, including a lawsuit by Congressman Eric Swalwell accusing him, Mo Brooks and Trump of inciting the riot.

Those suits went nowhere in court, and it wound up getting him suspended from practicing law in the state of New York and in the District of Columbia. It was a humiliating series of events for a man who was once the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, and who was known as “America’s Mayor” for his leadership in the wake of 9/11. When asked by Russo about the damage done to his reputation, Giuliani said it’s out of his hands.

“I can’t control that, I can’t control my legacy…I believe I will be vindicated.”

Adding further insult to injury, Giuliani has apparently been excommunicated by the man who he defended at all costs, Donald Trump. The former president has reportedly cut off ties with his longtime ally because Giuliani asked to be paid for his work in contesting the 2020 election.

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times wrote that Giuliani’s legal troubles have also drained his finances.